1. Plush toy customizing

Mass customization plush figures according to the design drawing, Such as various types of promotional figures

Plush toys.png

2。Game clothes

Customize your game suit

Cap1.jpgGame clothe2.jpgGame clothes1.jpgGame clothes5.jpgGame clothes3.jpg

3. Silicone Gifts

Customize your game promotion campaign promotional products

Silicone Gifts-01.jpgSilicone Gifts-02.jpgSilicone Gifts-03.jpgSilicone Gifts-04.jpgSilicone Gifts-05.jpg

About Liso Games  

Established as toys MFG company in HongKong since 2005. First,We produced film characters for British animation co.,ltd . Since 2010, We focus on developing Dofus & Krosgama series of miniature for ANKAMA company. At same time, We started the board game printing business.

Our main products: miniature,action figure,board game, etc.