High quality/cheap accessories

Exquisite 3D miniature manufacturing in figure domain over 10 years experience.   We have been working in figure manufacturing domain for years and have all kinds of professional talents, already have very good cooperation with many highly skilled team and individuals, can make sure that your game has outstanding public miniature beyond other teams.

Extensive professional sourcing network.   Our excellent engineering team and purchasing personnel are familiar with the production process of various game accessories.We can control the lowest cost and purchase rich accessories, We have reliable source for the following components.

00 3D miniature
01 Alloy coins
02 Zinc alloy/plastic tokens
03 Embossed commemorative medallion
04 alloy figure1
05 alloy figure2
06 Alloy dice
07 Embossed Alloy dice
08 DND Marble color dice
09 Dnd dice & bag
10 Transparent dice
11 Hourglass timer
12 chip
13 wood part
14 Plastic chess
15 3D plastic board
16 card bag

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