Liso BoardGame MFG's Capabilities

Dedicate to the manufacturing quality board game with exquisite 3D miniature,  Become your best partner!

Why liso boardgame MFG is your best choice for games manufacturing?

LisoGames combine several different field experts to work for your game.

The key to improving your game value: your perfect design, my high quality professional、crafted manufacturing.

Exquisite 3D miniature manufacturing in figure dom

We have been working in figure  manufacturing domain for years and have all kinds of professional talents, already have very good cooperation with many highly skilled team and individuals, can make sure that your game has outstanding public miniature beyond other teams.

• Cooperation skilled 3D miniature designer

• Cooperation board game design team

• Germany's most sophisticated prototype processing

• Figure mold manufacturing and Injection molding specialists

• Figure production and manufacturing specialists

• Strong spraying team to make the 3D pvc miniature

• Proven successful record in exquisite 3D miniature manufacturing

Across-the-board printing manufacturing facility

We have rich experience product manager who has been engaged in boardgame production for many years, From the beginning of production to inspection of shipment, We offer full service. There are many high quality machines in our factory site, Our goal is to make hight quality boardgame.

• Four-Color Printing / Sheet Printing Presses

• Aqueous Varnishing / UV Coating

• Automatic telescoping box making machine

• Automatic game board making machine

• Automatic shrink wrap machine for box

• Automatic cello wrap machine for cards

• Automatic die cutting machine

• Puzzle die cutting machine

• Paper embossing machine

Extensive professional sourcing network

Our excellent engineering team and purchasing personnel are familiar with the production process of various game accessories.We can control the lowest cost and purchase rich accessories, We have reliable source for the following components.

  • Wooden tokens and meeple

  • Pawns and sand timer

  • Dice and dice bag

  • Chip

  • Zinc alloy 3D miniature

  • Small batch of figure remodelling manufacturing

  • Cloth map

Premium and reliable quality

We promise that the products we make will be safe and environmentally friendly. Our experienced QA team will be able to point out any potential risks on your product before it hits the market. Every order will be inspected based on the following

   • AQL level 2 for pre-shipment inspection

   • Carton and product drop test

   • Product reliability and abuse test

   • Cards-shuffle test

   • Sharp Point Tester

   • Torque, Tension and Impact test guage


We accept orders for the following INCO terms. We are open for discussion if you have any special requirement.

     • Ex-work

     • FOB ( Yantian in the Shenzhen city)

     • DHL

     • UPS

One Stop OEM Solution

Liso is a one stop manufacturer providing full OEM service, ranging from simple plastic components to highly complex board game,Etc.

How it works? Let’s find out below

Game design

If you have a basic concept only, our experienced R&D team is here to help. We are also working in partnership with Origames, a french game development studio, that has been assisting clients for games development for years, includes

-Adding games features

-Usage of components

-Graphic, packaging and logo design

-Play-value improvement suggestion

Best Optimization

Probably most of you have your own team for game design; We can jump to the consultation stage then. We will review your game specifications and discuss your main concern and focus, gathering information about color / coating / material requirement. We will provide cost-saving and alternate material suggestions during enquiry / quotation stage.

High Quality Accessories

We have business partners who supply common game accessories to us for years. Such as meeple, wooden token, plastic gems, miniatures, dice, etc. If you want to include something more special like rusty coins, pirate guns, stone-like pyramid in your game, we can pretty much fulfill your fantasy. Don’t limit your creativity!


We will turn the signed quotation into contract with all the confirmed components, price with breakdown, quoted quantity, material specification, special requirement, packing requirement, and shipment terms listed on it. A proforma invoice will be sent for deposit payment and tooling payment.

Pre-print review and imposition

Our pre-press team will check your entire artwork files, we may get back to you to request necessary modification on format and bleed area. Common die-line for boxes and cards can be downloaded from our FTP site. If the file is perfect, normally we can generate the digital proof within one week.

Pre-production approval

A set of full color proofs, game accessories and blank samples (mock-up) will be submitted for color, material and construction checking. Customized item (e.g. Dice bag with own logo) samples will be submitted for approval as well. We will start production when we get all the thumbs up!

Mold/Miniature manufacturing

We are a professional Oem manufacturer, has over ten years’ experience in manufacturing all kinds of toys, has an experienced engineering team for our client to develop all different of toys, e g: 3D drawings, 3D printing, model making, injection mold manufacturing and  mass production or etc…    

Mass production

Our standard production lead time is 30-45 days (for non-tooling items). However, if you have a rush deadline, please always discuss with our production planning team or your sales contact. We will try to squeeze you into the production schedule earlier to meet launching date.

compliance and inspection

If your games are targeted for Children, a product safety testing will be likely required by most of the countries. We have been working with UKAS / HOKLAS accredited lab house for years and we can submit lab testing on your behalf. Lab test samples will be provided free of charge.

Contact us

Get in touch with us for any questions, requests for quotations or figures.